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Top Reasons For Reupholstery.

Most clients don't have something reupholstered because it is less expensive than
new furniture (because it isn't). Generally there is a reason that makes sense to
the client. I've narrowed down why many clients will get their furniture reupholstered.

1.) Quality: The client has high quality furniture thatneeds a new cover. Or she
realizes that her old sofa or chair has a better frame than what is made nowadays.

2.) Sentimentality: the client has a piece of furniture that is sentimental to
her. Perhaps it belonged to her mother or grandmother. Or when her children were babies she
rocked them to sleep in the rocker. etc.

3.) Purpose: The furniture fits a specific purpose or location. Perhaps she has
a loveseat that fits just perfectly in that little corner. Or she has a sectional that fits
just right in her living room. Even though the client may have searched, she hasn't found a
suitable replacement.

4.) Preference: The client really likes her furniture. They may have had their
furniture for many years and she doesn't want change it to something else. Her furniture just
fits her needs and likes.

5.) Antiques: They have antiques or older furniture that has historical value.